Sunday, October 16, 2016

This Blog's Days are Numbered

I am sitting in a class as I type this, learning code. Today I am a Lady Learning Code. Finally.

This is something that I have always wanted to do, ever since I started my blog 13 years ago (give or take).

With this knowledge I hope to open a door, I hope to open many doors.

I don't have any big plans, I like my simple life, but I wouldn't mind adding a few simple things to this simple life of mine.

Ever have that good feeling that something is going to change? Something big and beautiful and wonderful? I hope this turns into that. 2016 has been a shit year.

(Just checking in...I allow myself a few lame posts a year and this is one. Go back to what you were doing.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Running Goals

I went for a run the other night. The first time in a long time, And it was glorious.

My body has been rebelling against me every time I hit the track for the past few months. So I made adjustments, and I waited.

The other day at the gym I thought I would give it a go. And my body said "okay Lisa, we can do this."

And Sunday night I was in desperate need of an outdoor activity, so I put on all my gear, and I just went. No overthinking (no thinking). I find that the first run back after a break is always the "easiest". Meaning the next run might kick my ass again. But I've got (some) momentum and I'm not going to squander it.

1) Run 1km without stopping - Completed September 18
2) Run 2km without stopping
3) Run 3km without stopping
4) Run 4km without stopping
5) Run 5km without stopping
6) Run 1km in 8 minutes
7) Run 1km in 7.5 minutes
8) Run 1km in 7 minutes

These are my 2016 Running Goals. They are simple milestones that I can watch for and aim for. But they are simple. That's the way I like my goals.

Feels so good to get back out there.

Friday, September 09, 2016

F-Word Scrapbooking

Hi there! I love Fall. But it is not Fall yet. So don't go getting excited and telling me how much it FEELS LIKE FALL, or GEE I LOVE THAT IT'S FALL NOW. I will cut you.

Remember that I love Fall. But I also love our fleeting, golden summers. And I'm going to squeeze every last dying glimmer out of this month.

Since the start of Fall signals my birthday, I do celebrate the shit out of fall  so don't get your knickers in a knot. Like I am. Apparently. Shuttup.

Anyhoo, I scrapbooked some photos taken last FALL because Nadine made me. Kind of. Whatever. Just feast your eyeballs. 

(I scrapbook on my bedroom floor when it is clean. My bedroom is giant, so I can really spread out. Love those old wood floors.)

Gah I love this layout!!! Nadine gave me a pack of die-cuts, and I was like what the actual fuck am I going to do with these? She also gave me some copper sticker words and I was like YASSSS! They make a nice combination. My Mom & step-Dad's last name is Good. Makes for some perfect titles.

Also, that paper looks like a cozy sweater and I can definitely get behind that.

Mini Album!
I forgot how damn fun and EASY it is to make a mini album by taping old cards and envelopes together. These photos are all from my Grannie & Pa's 60th Anniversary Party last September. We had a nice dinner at the Faculty Club on the U of A campus, and then my photographer friend Sarah took all of our photos. It was ridiculous, and she is my hero. I am going to let the pages speak for themselves.

I just realized that this last photo shows FIVE GENERATIONS of my Grannie's family. Holy. Shit. Balls.

That's getting put on a damn wall or something.

p.s. on Fridays we say Fuck.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Life Lessons aka I'm An Old Lady Now And I Know Better

I turn a new age next month. And I find that with every turn around the sun, I gain some new insight into my life, and life in general. Here is my latest!

People aren't going to ask me to hang out. That's just how it is with me. Whatever. It's still tough on my ego, but I've learned to accept it.

You know what else I've learned. There is abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING stopping me from texting everyone in my damn contacts list, and Facebook messaging everyone I think is cool, and asking them to hang out with me.

Where da FUCK did this newfound devil-may-care attitude come from? Who knows?!

I do know that I am way more confident now than ever before. Part of this is because I am now a non-married person (it's complicated...). But part of it is just getting older and learning more about people.

People live in their own little bubble. Work - home - kids - work - gym - family - work - family - kids - "other commitments"

That's what's in everyone's heads, not just mine, not just yours! And that's okay! And so people forget to email you back, or are busy 9 nights a week for three months. But the least you can do is ask to meet in 4 months. And be patient. And send reminders. And try not to be too much of a dick. Because people want to hang out with you (you're really cool!), but sometimes you've got to make it easy for them.

Back when I was a young pup, and people would tell me that the worst that could happen is you hear "No". YES! THAT'S THE WORST THING OMG OMG PANIC ATTACK!


I am also way more in tune with my anxiety now. I can recognize it coming a mile away, and I am so comfortable saying "no anxiety is sitting on my chest like a damn lady elephant so I can't hang out a big party where I know zero people tonight thanks!" if the need arises. Which means I can also recognize and sympathize with and appreciate when someone gives me that same answer.

Me Now: We're cool friend. I'm thinking about you. I love you. And I can help you with that damn pushy elephant any damn day. Especially over beers. Or G&Ts. I have a big deck. I'll text you.


Friday, August 26, 2016

Challenge Accepted!

I got to go on a scrapbooking date with my Tribe on Friday night! Usually I just sit with my computer and a stack of photos to write on. But tonight Karen and Candace were in the mood for a challenge, so I got to play along! AND I got to liberate some supplies from the girls! HA!

The Challenge: Use 6 frames on a layout...

I should probably add a date or something, but otherwise, I am pretty impressed with myself! All of these supplies were either ones from a TM DT kit I had with me that night, or ones I had "liberated" from Karen & Candace. 

Thanks gals! This was fun!