Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Disney World Scrapbooking

I am finally working on the photos from our Disney World trip that we took in the summer of 2015. Lucas turned 10, there were thunderstorms everyday, and Harry Potter World at Universal Studios is my JAM!

I have decided to do a combination of scrapbooking layouts and photos, where the majority of the album will be photos only. But I also want to tell some of the better stories, and add journaling to some of the photos, so I still have to work out a good way to incorporate that.

These are some layouts I completed for the album over the weekend at a very fun and productive Project Life Crop at Treasured Memories.

Loving the bright colours...reminds me that spring is around the corner!


Friday, March 24, 2017

I'm In Love With The Shape of You

I am currently slightly obsessed with the Ed Sheeran song "Shape of You"

Hey Lisa. C'mon, don't lie. Let's get with the real talk.

I am VERY obsessed...


And so I googled the lyrics, and while listening to it for the eleventy billionth time, I had a thought.


This song reminds me of the important people in my life. So I tried to write a poem. And it was terrible.

It's hard putting feelings into words yo!

What I wanted to write was about how the bodies of my friends and family are comforting, solid reminders of their love and their support...of our connection.

When I hug them I am reminded of this and it fills me with happiness and gratitude.

I get it Ed, being in love with someone's shape...because that means so much more than sex or physical attraction.

It means warmth and affection and love and support and connection and all those things that sometimes only a touch or a hug or a big squeeze can convey.

Anyhoo...now that I've made a damn fool out of myself in Closing, we miss you Barack


p.s. Please don't touch someone without their consent, okay! That's not cool!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Home Decor is Not My Jam Yo

For many reasons, I am just not a fan of "home decor". I don't get things for the sake of just being things. I prefer to fill my home with useful things, plants, art I love, and photos. I could put photos up on every single wall of my house and be a happy camper.

I have a Photo Gallery Wall in my hallway. I have photos tacked up in my bedroom, and on my bulletin board in the kitchen.

And more recently I have resurrected "My Instagram Display".

This project first came to life in 2012 and was showcased in this post right here.

That was back when it was popular to stick cutesy little "signatures' at the bottom of every blog post. Trust me when I say, everyone was doing this.

I have changed up my process a little bit since that first blog post. For one, I don't have a printer anymore, so I just order my favourite photos from my favourite photo lab in a variety of sizes. So "Instagram Display" is a misnomer now. Damn.

This is just a long way of saying "Look at these photos!"


Monday, March 13, 2017

Stamp Carving

Now THIS is a hobby I can throw my whole body into! Specifically my back. And by "throw my back into" I mean this hobby really hurts my back.

Like, seriously. All that hunching over and concentration on fine motor skills is tough.

But very rewarding.

I have started following a bunch of carvers and lino cutters, and block printers on IG and the gorgeousness blows my ever loving mind. This is something I want to practice.

Here is what "Lisa Getting Back Into Carving" looks like...

This next one I am creating for AN ACTUAL COMPANY! Wheeeee!

And cause I'm a dork...

A foul mouthed dork...


Friday, March 10, 2017

Treasured Memories Design Team - March Scrapbooking

When I was checking my tags and my titles for this post, I noticed that I haven't posted a scrapbooking layout since NOVEMBER! Which means I haven't created a layout since November. Wow!

I remember a time when I couldn't go more than a day without scrapbooking. Funny how things change, but also not funny or surprising at all. I am still figuring out my relationship with this hobby, and I think this unsettled state of affairs is just my reality now.

In the meantime, here are some layouts!

I won't be cutting these down to 6x12 to fit into my album because planning that required more brain cells than I had available.

Both are to fulfill my duties as a Treasured Memories Design Team Member, a job I love mercilessly. Thank you Nadine for giving me such thebomb.com paper lines. I am saving the pineapples for something super special.