Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Camping + Scrapbooking


I think I was due for one right?

These are all layouts I completed for the Treasured Memories Design Team. Main papers and embellishments are all Carta Bella.

Some fun insider notes about these layouts, and how I reconcile being on a Design Team with how I actually prefer to document my memories coming right up!

Also, please ignore my head shadow in these photos.I'm a goof and didn't notice...

First up, my gorgeous sister and her adorable boys. FAVOURITE PEOPLE ALERT!

I keep meaning to use my stamps more, so I pulled out my arrows (arrows are easy). Not totally impressed with the end product on this layout, but it will do! Lucas & I played SO MANY GAMES OF GUESS WHO on our recent camping trip. That is definitely a memory that needed to be documented. Love the little Instax camera sticker that came with this line!

I pulled out my super OLD Making Memories foam stamps, and boy am I ever glad I saved these! Forgot how much I love a big stamped title.

I was channeling my inner Candace/Lisa from 2007-2008 for this next layout. BIG Photo and a fun cluster of stuff at the top. This photo is just...

And last but not least, this is what all of the above layouts will end up looking like once I get them back from TM. My 2016 photo album is a 6x12, which is actually super convenient for me when I have to do some scrapbooking for the store! I do a 12x12 page - which is the most popular layout size, and therefore the best ones for display - and design the layout with my end goal in mind. So if you look really hard you can see the 6x12 layouts in my 12x12s.
This Carta Bella line was really fun to play with! Thanks Nadine!

I guess I could have split this up into a couple of posts, but whatevs! Enjoy friends! Would love to read what you think in the comments!

Monday, August 22, 2016


This morning I read on Facebook that a special gal in the Alberta scrapbooking industry passed away suddenly on the weekend. She was about my age (give or take), and she was a beloved member of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. They lost a member of their tribe...

So I immediately thought of my tribe and I texted them to tell them the news. And to tell them that I love them.

Hey gals. Thanks for being in my corner. And for including me in your lives, your hearts. I cheer when you soar, and I cry when your heart breaks. And I am stronger every day because of you.

I am sending all my love out to Christy's Tribe...stay strong ladies. And hold on to each other.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

#sonotladylikegoals2016 - A New Mailbox!

So you might remember from this list that one of my goals this year was to Relocate My Mailbox.  Well, I finally finished this project last month (or perhaps June?), and I am beyond happy with the results!

Let me just say that painting the box was the most fun and easiest part of this project. The rest was an exercise in hilarious failures! The screws I bought were way too long and robust. My drill kept failing on me and I stripped many screws thanks to it. The entire post with box is super top heavy, so it kept falling out of the pot. But I pushed through. and it looks damn fine now if I do say so myself.

Awww, I even painted a thank you note to my mail carrier! I was very excited when my first piece of mail showed up in there.

Supplies Used:
- Wooden mailbox you can find at any craft store. This particular one was purchased for me by my mother after we bought our first home in 2006. It has never been used as a proper mailbox until now!
- Basic acrylic paint and some lacquer for sealing
- Scrap wood
- Metal numbers purchased at Rona. Fun Fact! While rummaging around in my basement storage room last week I found some lovely large metal address numbers for my address! Sigh.

- Lavender, crossing my fingers that it will over-winter here
- Marigolds
- Lemon balm that is calmly taking over the whole damn scene and I love it
- Please ignore my sketchy tomatoes in the background. All of my food plants are shit this year.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Adventure - Parks Day at Elk Island

The following photos were taken on July 16, 2016 in Elk Island National Park just outside of Edmonton & Sherwood Park, AB.
Astotin Lake, the beach. View from our picnic lunch.

Mom & Dude, the Adventurers

Canada's National Parks have installed these bright red double Adirondak chairs at points within their parks that have "great views". Well, we found one! And the view was great.

The View From The Red Chairs

There were SO MANY BOATS on the lake this afternoon! It was a spectacular site to see.

My main goal on this mini road trip was to get the NEW BIKES out of the city. The Parks gal recommended a good trail, mostly paved, and we were off. I got to teach Lucas about shifting gears to make it up those tough hills. It's his longest ride to date, and he did so great! I definitely recommend the Shoreline Trail, even though you don't actually really ever see the lake. Hmmm.

Before the ride vs. after the ride. As a reward for our most excellent bike ride, we treated ourselves to an order of Drift Truck fries! Mmmm I miss these fries.

Notes about Elk Island Park...
- It's about a 45 minute drive outside of Edmonton on HWY 16. If you want to avoid some of the Henday construction, I recommend cutting through Sherwood Park.
- Astotin Lake is the big lake we were hanging out at. There are boat (canoe & kayak) rentals, a small beach, and lots of picnic spots with fire pits and/or shelters close by.
- There are many great hiking trails in the park, so make sure you get a map! Most are easily accessible from the main road, and have their own parking lots. These are usually much quieter than the area around Astotin.
- You can buy a visitor pass from the Visitor Centre or from the drive up kiosk. For Lucas & I it was around $11 for the day.
- Please keep in mind that while this park is so close to the city, it is still a National Park filled with WILD ANIMALS! Apparently, it's mating season for the bison right now, and one of the Park's recent tweets was something along the lines of: "you wouldn't want to be interrupted would you?..."


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tell A Story - My Dude Gets A New Bike

One of the things I struggle with as a parent is Lucas' inability to show emotion and excitement for some things. I mean, other than when the new amebos came out, or a funny Minecraft video on YouTube.

For example, I bought him a new bike last month.


And I was so excited for him! I took him to United Cycle to test drive some bikes, and he rode one and said okay this one is fine. Huh?! That’s it? Well, being The Mom, I made him ride two more, and then tried to present his options to him in the most exciting way I could. But he didn’t really care. It didn’t matter to him what colour, or what style his new bike was. He was barely even interested in the whole “new bike” part of the night! But I was. And I have learned that this has to be enough for me.

When they were done with the tune up, and after we had explored a big chunk of the store (consequently, if you need any type of ball, they sell it here!) we headed to the exit only to find it is POURING RAIN outside. We’re talking major buckets from heaven here. I left Lucas in the store and RAN out to the car. Pulled around front and someone was parked in the loading zone…argh! So I double park my car in the middle of the damn parking lot, put the blinkers on, start moving stuff around in the trunk to make room, and wave frantically at Lucas to bring the bike out. Well, I can see him inside, and he isn’t moving toward the outside. I don’t want to leave the car, but it looks like he is upset so I run inside. Turns out he can’t get the kickstand up! Oops! Well, I get the bike all strapped into the car, am soaking wet and laughing so hard! What a story to tell! What a fun night!

I named my bike "Kevin", after the nice gentleman at United Cycle who helped me order her. Lucas doesn't want to name his new bike. Being Lucas' mom has taught me a lot about life and a lot about myself. He is the best lesson and my most favourite human person.