Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Too much Lisa"

I started writing a post the other day about my "weight loss journey" (gawd barf), and it got away from me.

Feelings, people. Feelings.

Being fat, and then thin, and then fat again and being happy throughout feels rebellious.

Not hating my old body/new body/newer old body feels revolutionary.

But I am not a revolutionary. And I am not a rebel.

Or am I?

I don't think that post will see the light of day. I get vocal, I drop all the F-bombs.

I get emotional. And that's okay. It's an emotional subject.

And it's just a little too much Lisa for this space.

But I will leave you with this, because my closing remarks still seem relevant, and important to put out into the world. Perhaps you can even get a glimpse of the passion and excitement of the words that preceded these.

Tell me I am beautiful, but tell me I am strong also. Compliment me on my gratitude, and my fortitude. On my determination, and my creativity, and my passion.

If that is one thing I could tell women (and men, but especially women) is to compliment each other on all that we can do, all that we are. Not just our genetics, or how we cut our hair.

And most importantly, tell your daughters. TELL YOUR DAUGHTERS.

Tell her all the amazing things that make her awesome, smart, determined, excited, active, funny, fun. There are so many more adjectives in this world that can lift us up, and turn us around, and inspire us, and move us to be our best selves.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Valentine's Mini Book

I made this.

I put together this little book back in February. Out of bits and bobs, and leftovers, and things I love.

I left it at my LSS to sell, but it kept getting hidden, so I brought it back home.

There are more pages, but apparently I deleted them off my phone and now my laptop is being weird. So thatè...damn French keyboard! what the hellÉ!É!É!

Gotta love it when you're hitting shortcut keys by accident, that you didn't even know existed. I think I'm done here! Off to the thrift store!


Currently...November 14, 2015

My last "Currently" Post was June 3, 2014. I've got some catching up to do...

date // November 14, 2015
location // Home Sweet Home
loving // That I got Lucas to focus on his breathing this morning for 35 seconds. It's a start!
feeling // Hungover, headachy, yet energetic.
drinking // Coffee. And more coffee.

listening //  Chicago's Greatest Hits on vinyl
wanting // That teensy little home. That cute one with the porch.
doing // Looking up that little house on MLS.
thinking // About Beirut, and Paris, and Syria...
wondering // If there's anything I can do
missing // Lucas. He went back to Russel's today after a whole week at my place! It was glorious.
planning // What to do with the rest of my afternoon. I am thinking a trip to the Re-use Centre and Value Village is in order. I have cleaned out SO MUCH STUFF over the past few weeks, and it is currently awaiting removal from my living room!

We went to the Strathcona Farmer\s Market this morning, said hi to Mandy & Cory and bought some donuts, bought some fruit and veggies for the week, shared a ginormous cinnamon bun. This afternoon Dan & I are going to hit up Next Act for a Cameo - triple meat for Dan - and a vegetarian option for me. And tonight we are going to the light up in Churchill Square with the family. I love Saturdays!


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

A year in the making

Sometimes Often times I start something, and never finish it. I have bags of almost finished layouts, and mini albums, and woven get the picture.

And sometimes, those things get finished. Cause I love them so much. This mini album (thankfully) was rescued from oblivion and completed and is so perfectly imperfect that I just can't even.

My mini album aesthetic is touch.

Is found things.

Is texture.

Is made up as I go.

I enjoy the random leftovers on my table, or in a folder. Something quirky, something beautiful, something that speaks to me.

This makes for a lovely and unique book every time.

Welcome to Jasper 2014.

In typical Lisa fashion, the cover of this book is from a tissue box. And the back is an art print from a book that I cut down. Looking back at this now, I don't think this book started out as my Jasper scrapbook...the butterfly is a dead giveaway.

I have to work on my "sketches in the field". They stinky stink, but they are a good reminder of feelings and whatnot.

I grabbed a Fitzhugh in the lobby, Jasper's paper. My girl's tiny thumbnail self was on the front page. This moonlight madness ad was calling my name. Always bring a glue stick.

Do you have a fabulous envelope that was made just for you and sent just for you from a person you are going to see on the trip for which this mini album is a keepsake? Put that damn thing in there dammit!

I love it when random supplies somehow magically fit together, as if they were made for each other. Round sticker, meet camera stamp.

Have you ever met someone that sets you on fire a little bit, in a good way? This gal right here...

Gesso is the great equalizer. (Like Nadine, but that's another story.)

Yes, Dan bought me a Jasper postcard in the "gift shop" for our little cabins, and sent it to me once we got home. Damn straight I'm gonna put it in the album. It's probably mushy. Perhaps avert your eyes.

Found items and hand carved stamps for the win.

It is my jam. It takes forever, and it's messy and odd and it's just right and why would I ever do it any other way.

Best album celebrating best adventures.


Monday, November 02, 2015

November New Favourites

Activity: After dinner walks with BFF. There has only been the one so far, but it was pretty awesome. We both missed this.

Going Out Outfit: The other day BFF noticed that I had a lot of empty hangers in my closet, and he asked if I had done a closet purge recently. I hadn't, but it make me realize that I have been very satisfied since my last purge. I have a few shirts that I wear, a couple of dresses, and a couple pairs of pants. And that's it. And my grey blazer. Grey blazer with everything...

Staying in Outfit: Leggings, crocheted slippers, Grannie-sweater. Hopefully all clean...

Craftivity: Cleaning! I know that's not a craft, but it has been super helpful in getting my mind back into things, and evaluating what I really love and where I want to spend my time and energies. I've already collected quite a product-haul for my December Daily, and I really want to finish my photo album for the year.

Album: My latest antique mall purchase: Bill Monroe's "Best Bluegrass Tunes" or something....that's not the actual title...)

Meal: The no-meat thing is easy for me, but tough when I have to cook for the boys. I need a few recipes to become an expert in, and then I will be less stressed about it. Any recommendations??

Book: I read TEN BOOKS IN OCTOBER! Wheee! And they were all good, all #recommendedreading. My current favourite on-the-go is Food and the City: Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution.The author is from Edmonton, the book is informative, yet easy to read, and it's on a topic that is near to my heart.

Movie: BFF and I watched the silent classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Halloween. It took a lot of swearing, and sweating, and three different devices before we got it going, but it was worth it. Love the classics...

Autumn Memory: Exploring Mill Creek Ravine with Lucas, Mom and my sister's family. Each boy has his own way of exploring, his own confidences and his own weaknesses. It was an afternoon full of giggles, and explaining, and water breaks, and climbing, and wet toes.

Dude Moment: We were having a bed-time discussion, and I told him that he is my favourite human person. And he the same in return. So I asked him what will happen if he falls in love with someone when he grows up, and wants to get married or something, what then. And he said that I will still be his favourite human person, and they will be number two.

Hello November. Fancy meeting you here.