Thursday, January 12, 2017

December Daily 2016

OMG you guys! This is the first time I have EVER FINISHED a December Daily since I started making them many years ago! Like, not just the first I finished right away or whatever. This is the ONLY finished DD album I have! And I am just so stinking excited about that!

It definitely helped that I made it as stupidly simple as I possible could. I bought numbers that all matched. I used an album that restricted me to one (or a couple) photos per day, without the ability to add any memorabilia or embellishments.

I was so excited that I decided to make a video about it.

Also, I would much rather talk at y'all, than type at y'all.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016 - In Looks

Hey folks. I have learned over the years - especially those years I as a "fashion blogger" - that people enjoy looking at pictures of other people wearing clothes.

Now, I'm no professional or anything. I don't have a tripod, or a real camera, or a team of stylists behind the images.

I just stick my phone on the nearest flat surface, set the timer, and hope for the best. And I am usually very satisfied with the results!

Why do I do this, you ask? Some (old dudes) might say I am a narcissist who just wants the accolades. But mostly I do it for two reasons:

1) It really helps me SEE MYSELF. Not only my body, and what clothes I like or look good in, but it helps me understand and visualize my identity.

2) Women see one kind of body in magazines which usually never looks like their body, and this is a huge factor about why the diet industry makes a kagillion dollars a year, and I think that's bullshit. So I want to show women that there are other bodies out there that are doing cool things, and living life, while looking damn awesome and being chubby or whatever.

So here is my Year In Looks showing off some of my favourite outfits from 2016.

Legs! // These leggings were the best investment BFF ever made

I wish this dress fit over my boobs better // I am a (dorky) wizard

Nasty Woman #imwithher // Canadian Tuxedo

Fave new patterned dress// Fave old patterned dress

BFM + Leopard print // Same skirt! Love reversible shit
(This skirt might be one of my best purchases of 2016, even though it's not my proudest moment.)

Birthday suit // RAD in sequins

This dress on repeat // This dress on repeat

Things I learned this year:
1) Sneakers go with everything.
2) I am really totally okay with having a small wardrobe.
3) I wear a lot of blue.
4) Sewing sequins on a shirt is ridiculous and also gorgeous
5) More flowy vests please
6) I am a damn fine babe

Here's to another year of being fabulous.


Wednesday, January 04, 2017

One Little Word 2017 - Inspiration

One of my inspirations for my word this year is this photo.

I mean, aside from the fact that my hair and face (and neck!) is looking so awesome, the things I see radiating from me in this photo are

I don't necessarily want to get back to the person in this photo. I want to move forward into those attributes I see in this December 2012 version of me. 2012 me made some big fucking decisions that led to making 2013 an AMAZING year for me. Like, so amazing.
(Tough and heartbreaking and impossible and amazing)

And I want to make 2017 amazing, so I am going back and learning lessons from my past, and moving past the nostalgia to put them into action.


Monday, January 02, 2017

2016 - A Year in IG Posts


I haven't yet squished all my One Second Everyday clips together, but here is a fun video that they put together using my most popular Instgram posts from the year!

I also built the following #bestnine2016

I came across a lot of people on IG that didn't like their so-called "Best Nine", as it's determined by likes and comments and maybe doesn't accurately reflect their ACTUAL Best Nine. Meaning, the photos or memories or moments that they are the most proud of, the ones they feel show their year more accurately.

I totally get that.

I also like all of the photos that you liked, so I'm okay with my "Best Nine". Are they the nine pics that I would have chosen? Not all of them. But I ain't got time to go through ALL the photos I posted to IG last year and narrow it down to 9.

Y'all saw how ridiculous that was when I tried to narrow down my 79 books...

Anyhoo, on wards and upwards to 2017.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

One Little Word 2017


Sometimes brainstorming gets me to my word. And sometimes my word finds me. This year it was a little bit of both. The second time I wrote "action" in my list, I knew it was the one.

What & Why
I read the following paragraph on Ali Edwards OLW 2017 post and I had lots of feelings...

"Past students have reported learning about celebrating progress rather than perfection, about the power of focusing on a single word and the impact that can have in your life, about how many little moments make up the patterns of our lives, about thinking of your future self as you make decisions today, about how your own journey is important, about how to step back into the story of your own life as an active participant, about learning what you most need from yourself, and about the power of coming back again and again to your original intentions as a means of reflection and forward movement."

I had one of those moments when your brain gets fuzzy and you can feel tears in your nose, and a flutter in your chest. So I took it as a sign, and enrolled in her course. I am very excited to get started next month, and make the most out of this year('s word).

Watch for monthly posts from me detailing what I've learned and how I am living my word.

Focus - Brave - Honesty - Simplify - Time
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